Rolling Tree x GMR Tucker - Mischo Erban

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Check out the new GMR X Rolling Tree Signature Series Tucker!

Boasting a 32 inch length and a 9 inch width, along with a 22 inch wheelbase, this little rocket is sure to get you to the top of podiums and rail inside lines with ease.

With the incredibly ergonomic Acedia concave and race inspired GMR shape, you will have full control over your board at all times. This boards construction features maple, fiberglass, a laminate top sheet, and a carbon fiber bottom in the most optimum ratio to create a board that will not be flimsy under heavier riders or lots of pressure, but also won’t give you a rough ride from road vibrations that an incredibly stiff board would.

GMR Skateboards has been making boards that innovate Skateboard Racing for over 10 years now, so what better way to celebrate than making a Signature Series Collection with people who have heavily influenced the brand.

Nick Broms, Daniel Engel, and Mischo Erban compliment the spirit behind GMR Skateboards.