Adrien Paynel

Born and raised in San Diego, California Frenchy has been skating for about 7 years now. After moving to Santa Barbara, his style has evolved to the new wave mix of downhill racing and small board freeride. Along with skateboarding Adrien everything likes a simple bike rides, to seshing his slackline, you can always find him under the sun enjoying the outdoors. While focused on his racing form, Frenchy has been influenced by the laidback freeride style synonymous with Santa Barbara skating. At the moment he is prototyping his new Pro model board with 2021 Rogue Slaloms and whatever Seismic wheel he sees fit. On top of his platform, Adrien likes to be locked in with a footstop and torque block, giving him the confidence to throw whatever slide the road demands.


Joey Exton

Joey Exton is a Bay Area transplant from New Hampshire and has been on a board for the past 9 years. After graduating from college, Joey moved across the US to grow his career and experience the local California hills and skateparks. Starting as an East Coast “straight hill” freerider/putter, Joey now enjoys freeriding on the curvy and diversified Bay Area slope offerings with the Acedia and Paragon - both setup with Aera trucks and Powell sneks. Outside of downhill, Joey simply enjoys spending time outdoors whether it is grinding skatepark coping, cruising curbs or hiking with friends and dogs.