Radix Cruiser

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We're stoked to offer this tiny sidewalk slasher to all you cool kids and speed junkies. Say hello to your next favorite skateboard, The Radix!

The Radix was designed to be the quintessential cruiser shape and feel, but with construction and artwork that is unmatched!

The Cruiser is built with a 6 Ply Maple Core, Fiberglass bottom sheet, and epoxy layup construction.

Weighing in at a scant 2.5 lbs bare, and just over 5lbs complete, this sidewalk slasher is easy to take anywhere. The 6" tail is useful for hopping curbs, poppin' ollies, and surfing ditches.

Specs: 30" x 8" 17" Wheelbase

1/4" Asymmetrical Rocker

1/4" Concave

Lightly Wedged Truck mounts

2" Nose 6" Tail

6 Ply Maple Core

Fiberglass Bottom Sheet with Water Based Graphic

Epoxy Layup Construction (No warping!)

This skateboard was community designed during the 2019 design cycle by Tyler Rick. Artwork by Biafra.