Professional Machine Shop Services

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Rolling Tree is pleased to offer professional quality CNC machining services at affordable prices for the discerning downhill skateboard enthusiast. Narrowed hangars offer increased grip and a more defined slide-hookup, as well as creating the perfect track width to match your deck.

We back up our work 100%, and are confident you will be impressed by the quality of our services. Our price includes free expedited return shipping in the United States.

Are you an International Customer? We can still help you, but International shipping adds $10-25 USD to the cost. Please see our dropdown menu for pricelist.

Don't see your trucks in the list? We chop most casts trucks for $69.99, thread-in axle precisions for $79.99, and Rogues for $89.99. We can also make custom Rogue axles for $10 each, spacers for $2.50 each, and we can even chop some thread-in axles for $15 each (spacers included).

Contact or DM on IG prior to ordering. We look forward to hearing from you. 

All chops after your first one are 10% off! NOTE: All trucks are shipped to your PayPal confirmed shipping address. Please verify the correct address prior to service.